CVHR members are active in many projects and organizations researching, preserving, and promoting the history of Central Virginia. Visit the sites below to learn more information.

Albemarle 1940

This interactive map shows property ownership for Albemarle County in the early 1940s. Property parcels are symbolized according to the race of the owner, enabling the user to easily visualize African American communities, many of which had roots going back to the 1870s and which no longer exist today. This data is remarkable because it shows a detailed, comprehensive, view of property ownership and historical communities prior to the rapid development that began after World War II. Link

CVHR Members: Bob Vernon, Erik Irtenkauf

Bleak House VisualEyes

Bleak House was part of an antebellum plantation that spanned almost 700 acres near Earlysville. This visualization explores the lives and movements of the enslaved individuals who built, lived, and worked on the plantation. Link

CVHR Member: Alice Cannon

Charlottesville Lives

This site contains an extensive collection of newspaper articles and obituaries found in the Charlottesville Daily Progress from 1893 – 1964. These articles offer a unique window into life in central Virginia during the early 20th century. A curated list of online history resources for Charlottesville and Albemarle County is also included. Link

CVHR Member: Jane C. Smith

Historical Albemarle and Charlottesville Web Map

An interactive map containing numerous layers for understanding the history of Albemarle County and Charlottesville. Includes historical roads, buildings, maps, aerial photos, and more. Link

CVHR Member: Erik Irtenkauf

The Preservers of the Daughters of Zion Cemetery

The Daughters of Zion Cemetery (DOZC) is an African-American cemetery in Charlottesville, Virginia with over 600 known burials and an unknown number of unidentified burials. The Preservers work to protect and restore the cemetery and research those who are buried there. Link

CVHR Members: Edwina St. Rose, Jane C. Smith, Dede Smith, Steve Thompson

Reginald D. Butler Local History Archive

This digital archive contains approximately 65,000 images of primary historical sources for Albemarle and neighboring counties. It includes deed books, will books, unrecorded deeds, and numerous other collections. Link

CVHR Members: Bob Vernon, Worthy Martin

Virginia Emigrants to Liberia

This website, from the UVA Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities, facilitates grassroots-level research on Black Virginians who emigrated to the west coast of Africa under the auspices of the American Colonization Society, and together established the colony of Liberia. Link

CVHR Members: Deborah Lee, Worthy Martin